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Annual Report 2013-2014


Chapter I : Message from the President
: Foreword from the Executive Director
: Caritas Vision, Mission, and Priorities
: Caritas Operational Areas
: Acronyms
Chapter  II :

Governance and Management

Chapter  III : Statistical Report on Achievement for FY 2013-2014
Priority 1   

Human Resource Development through Education, Formation and Capacity Building

Project No.01 : Caritas Development Institute (CDI): Developing Human Resources and Institutions for Sustainable Development
Project No.02 : Capacity Building and Assessment of Partner NGOs
Project No.03 : Regional Technical Schools (RTS)
Project No.04 : Bandarban Technical Training Centre (BTTC)
Project No.05 : Mobile Technical Schools (MTS) for the Underprivileged Youth and Women
Project No.06.1 : Underprivileged Children Preparatory Education Project (UCPEP)
Project No.06.2 : Basic Education for Disadvantaged Children (BEDC)-Satkjira
Project No.06.3   Education Support for the Children of Rishi Community (ESCRC) - Khulna
Project No.07.1 : Formation of Youth and Teachers Program (FYTP)
Project No.07.2 : Youth Formation Activities 
Project No.08 : Education Support Program to the Children of Dinajpur, Rajshahi and Sylhet
Project No.09 :

Education Program for the Indigenous Children of Chittagong Hill Tracts (EPIC-CHT)

Project No.10 : Stipend Program for the Students of Sylhet Area
Project No.11 : Prattay: Child Care and Education in Disability
Project No.12 : Literacy and Health Care Program for Children of Slums in Dhaka
Project No.13 : Aloghar (Lighthouse)
Project No.14   Mirpur Agricultural Workshop and Training School (MAWTS)
Project No.15 : CORR-The Jute Works (CJW)
Project No.16   Teg-O-Sheba Abhijan (TOSA)
Priority 2 : Establishment of Social Justice and Human Rights through the Capacity Building of the Poor, of the Women and of the Ethnic Communities
Project No.17   Progoti: Initiatives towards Establishing the Rights of Extreme Poor
Project No.18   Integrated Community Development Projects (ICDPs)
Project No.18.1.1 : Integrated Community Development Project (ICDP) - Mymensingh
Project No.18.1.2   Promotion of Livelihood and Human Resources (PLHR) of the Indigenous People in Greater Mymensingh
Project No.18.2.1 : Integrated Community Development Project (ICDP) - Dinajpur
Project No.18.2.2 : Sustainable Livelihood Program for Indigenous Communities in Dinajpur
Project No.18.3 : Integrated Community Development Project (ICDP) - Syhlet and Moulvibazar
Project No.18.4 : Integrated Community Development Project (ICDP - Rakhaine) � Barisal
Project No.18.5   Integrated Community Development Project (ICDP- Rishi) - Khulna
Project No.18.6 : Integrated Community Development Project (ICDP) - Gazipur
Project No.18.7 : Integrated Community Development Project (ICDP) - Rajshahi
Project No.18.8 : Integrated Community Development Project (ICDP) - CHT
Project No.18.9 : Integrated Community Development Project (ICDP) - Khagrachhari
Project No.18.10 : Support Services to Credit Union Movement of Indigenous Communities for Capacity Building Project-Rajshahi
Project No.19 : Disha: A Project for Finding Out the Way Towards Empowerment of the Hardcore Poor in Sandwip (Former-ILSHP)
Project No.20 : Improvement of Livelihood and Health Program (ILHP)/ FormarRIDJCM
Project No.21 : Justice and Peace Program (JPP)
Project No.22 : Prochesta: A Project for Improving the Health and Social Condition of the Vulnerable Semi-urban Poor Youths
Project No.23 : Women Empowerment through Livelihood and Rights Promotion (WELRP) Project
Project No.24 : Momota (Improving the Health, Nutrition and Social Security of Babies and Working Mothers of Dhaka City Suburbs)
Project No.25 : LIFE (Jibon): Livelihood Improvement through Formation and Education
Project No.26 : Support for safe return & Socio-Economic Reintegration of Bangladeshi Migrant Returned from the U.K. & Libya
Project No.26.1 : Promotion of Safe Migration and Rights of Bangladeshi Migrant Worker: Pre-departure,Post Arrival and Re-integration Assistance for Migrants to the Middle East Countries
Project No.27 : Sustainable Approach for Fairness and Equity (SAFE) Project
Project No.28 : Enhancement of Indigenous Peoples Lands Rights (EIPLR) (Former PERLAM)
Project No.29 : Establishment of People�s Sustainable Platform for Poverty Reduction Project
Project No.30   Discretionary Fund Grants
Project No.31   Caritas Micro Finance Program (CMFP)
Priority 3 : Health and Care
Project No.32 : Dhanjuri Leprosy Control (DLC) Centre, Dinajpur
Project No.33 : Leprosy and (TB) Control Project, Khulna
Project No.34 : Under Fives and Maternity Clinic (UFMC)
Project No.35 : Reproductive and Child Health Development Project (RCHDP)       
Project No.36 : Safe Motherhood Project (SMP)
Project No.37 : Livelihood support for people Living with HIV and AIDS and their Families
Project No.38 : Bangladesh Rehabilitation and Assistance Centre for Addicts (BARACA)
Project No.39 : Development Initiative for People with Disability (DIPD)
Project No.40 : Assistance to Charitable Dispensaries/ Clinics (ACD)
Project No.41 : Medical Center for the Poorest of the Poor (MCPP)
Project No.42 : Projatna: A project for Attention and Special Care for Elderly
Project No.43 : Sanghoti (Integration): A project for promoting health,economic and Psycho-social Condition of Vulnerable Poor People of Khulna City
Project No.44 : Caritas Employees Solidarity/Poor Fund
Priority 4 :

Ensure Ecological Sustainability through the Appropriate Use of Natural Resources and Capacity Building in Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Management

Project No.45 : Sustainable Food and Livelihood Security (SuFoL) Project (Former NRMP)     
Project No.46 : Shakti : A Project on Improv ed Food Security for the Extreme Poor
Project No.47 : Nijera Gori: A Food Security Project
Project No.48 : Egiye Jai : Reducing the Food Insecurity and Vulnerability of Inland People in Barisal
Project No.49 : Improvement of Livelihood through Sustainable Agriculture (ILSA)
Project No.50 : Alternative Options for Sustainable Water Resources Management (WRM) in Coastal Areas
Project No.51 : Drinking Water for Mongla
Project No.52 : Food Security Project/Horticulture Development Project
Project No.53 : Building Resilience to Climate Change through Strengthening Adaptive Small Scale Farming system in Rainf ed Areas in Bangladesh, India and Nepal (SAFBIN)
Project No.54 : Ensuring Sustainable Livelihood of the Extreme Poor (ESLEP) of the Chittagong Hill Tracts
Project No. 55 : Climate Change Adaptation Programs
Project No.55.1 : Enhancing Coping and Adaptive Capacity of the Coastal Community to Reduce Vulnerability to Climate Change
Project No.55.2 : Enhancement of Adaptive Capacity of the Climate Vulnerable Community through Strengthening Indigenous Knowledge and Technologies
Project No.55.3 : Community Led Initiative to Enhance Resilience and Biodiversity in Vulnerable Ecosystems (CLAVE) in Bangladesh
Project No. 56 : Disaster Risk Reduction Programs
Project No.56.1 : Family and Village level Disaster Risk Reduction (FVDRR) in six Regions
Project No.56.2 : Family and Village level Disaster Risk Reduction (FVDRR) in three Regions
Project No.56.3 : Family and Community Level Food Preparedness Project in Kanaighat, Sylhet
Project No.56.4 : Scaling Up of SCFRR Ideas to New Unions and Villages of Sunamganj District
Project No.56.5 : Family and Community level Flood Risk Reduction (FCFRR)-Sunamganj
Project No.56.6 : Improving the demand for, access to, and utilization of improved WASH facilities and services using the School Led Total Sanitation (SLTS) Approach
Project No.57   Disaster Preparedness and Management Programs
Project No.57.1   Emergency Response Activities
Project No.57.2   Scaling Up Community Prepar edness for Cyclone and Tidal Surges in Southern Bangladesh (DIPECHO-VII)
Project No.57.3   Construction of Pilot Low Cost Houses for Disaster Affected Families
Project No.57.4   Community Managed Arsenic Prepar edness and Mitigation Program (CMAPMP)
Project No.57.5   Capacity Building in Disaster Management (CBDM)-II Program
Project No.57.6   Embankment Rehabilitation Project under SDBC-Sundarbans
Project No.58   Construction and Repair of Cyclone Shelters
Project No.59   Amrao Pari: We too can
Chapter V : Financial Report
  : Audited Accounts and Report
  : Donations Received During FY 2013-2014 (Table-A)
  : Summery of Project Expenditure for FY 2013-2014 (Table-B)
Chapter VI : Governance and Management
  : Caritas Gender Cell
  : Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME)
  : Human Resource Development (HRD)
    Information, Communication and Publication Unit (ICPU)
    Caritas at a glance: 2013-14